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Please find below the most commonly asked questions we get here at NZDCR. If there’s a question you have that’s not on the list, feel free to drop us an email, give us a call, or simply click on our live chat feature if it’s during business hours.

What are the requirements to hire a car?

You must be over the age of 21, have a full driver’s licence and credit card.  If you have an overseas licence and if this is not in English, an International Licence with an English Translation is required.

What do your rates include?

Our rates include unlimited kilometres, Roadside Assistance and full comprehensive insurance with an excess from $2500 incl. GST (Goods and Service Tax). This excess can be waived to $0. See “Insurance” on our web site for more details.

What does the insurance cover?

We provide a range of insurance, from the basic with a minimum bond of $2500 through to full cover with no bond.  Click on our insurance page for more details.

How can I get a car for lowest rate?

The lowest rate is normally available during off peak season, which generally runs from May until the end of Sep.  The minimum rental term to obtain this rate is 60 days and the car will be a small hatchback. The actual rate is up to the live quotation from the website as the rates change from time to time without notice.

How many designated drivers can we have for a car?

You can have up to four designated drivers per car.

Can we add another designated driver at a later date?

Yes, as long as the additional driver meets all the requirements to hire a car (see above).

Do I have to pay for mileage?

No – our rates include unlimited kilometres.

What happens if I breakdown?

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown please call NZ Roadside Assistance on 0508 697 623 and quote the registration number for the car.  Please note that the policy is FREE for MECHANICAL breakdowns only.  Non mechanical issues such as a flat battery or locking the key in the car etc. will incur a call out fee.

What happens if the car cannot be fixed in the event of a breakdown?

Depending on where in the country you are we do try and get another car to you.  In the event of this not being possible we will refund you for the days lost and request you source a car from the location you are at.

What happens if I lose my car key?

The security of the key to our vehicle is the hirer’s responsibility.  We do have spare keys for most of our cars and we are happy to courier a spare key out in the event of a key being lost but this and the cost of a replacement key will be at the expense of the client.  

What happens if I lock the keys in the car?  

Call NZ Roadside Assistance on 0508 697 623 and quote the registration number for the car and they will come to help, however, this incurs a call out fee.

What do I do if I have an accident?

All accidents must be reported to NZ Discount Car Rentals the day the accident occurs.  If you are in an accident and a third party is involved we ask that you do not admit liability under any circumstances.  If you are unsure we request that you obtain a police report that will help our insurance company to determine who is at fault.  Attached to your rental agreement are the Key Points and Point Number 8 guides you to the correct questions we need answered to make a claim on your behalf.  You will need to come into our office to complete an insurance claim form.  If you are liable for the accident we do not guarantee that we will supply a replacement vehicle for you and we reserve the right to cancel any waiver you may have purchased. Your excess will then be up to the limit of the damage or our insurance excess, whichever is the lowest.

Do you hire child and baby seats?

Yes – please make sure this is included in your booking as we can’t guarantee availability on the day of pick-up.

Can I bring my own child and baby seats?


Do you hire GPS navigation system?

Yes, at an additional charge.

Do you provide maps?

Yes, we provide travel maps on request, and if you need more detailed maps most service stations sell a wide range.

Do you offer one way hires?

Yes, we have branches in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown.  There is a relocation fee for these hires.

Can I extend my hire?

In most cases this should not be a problem and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  If you extend your car hire, payment for the extension must be made on the day of extension.  Should you wish to extend your car hire in the busy high season (November to April), we may not be able to accommodate this.  It is best to contact our office as soon as you are aware that you need to extend.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking 72 hours earlier than collecting the car time, we will charge 5% of total booking amount which covers our administrative costs plus any credit card surcharge. If you cancel within 72 hours of collecting the car time or no show on the day you are due to collect the car we will charge a 3 day hire. 

The balance will be your credit for future booking. There is no cash refund to your bank account.

Pickup and return

If I am at the airport how do I get to you to pick-up my car?

We  offer a free shuttle service, so if you let us know when you are arriving we will come and pick you up.

If I am in the City how do I get to you to pick up my car?

We are a 40 minute drive from Downtown Auckland and there is a map of where we on our website.  You can always call us for directions if needed.  But if you are using public transport the best way would be to take the Sky Bus from downtown Auckland to Auckland Airport.  This costs NZ$16 and takes about 40 minutes.  Then give us a call and we will arrange our free shuttle to come and pick you up.       

What do I need to present when collecting my rental car?

When you collect your vehicle from our office you must present a full valid driver’s licence (in English) and a credit card for security.  A passport showing your entry stamp into NZ must also be presented (NZ and Australian Passports are excluded).

What checks do you do on the car’s condition at pick-up and drop-off?

We carry out a full condition check with you.  In the event of an after-hours pickup we will have already done this and you need to double check the form left in the vehicle and call us the next day with any queries.

Should I return the car with a full tank of fuel?

Yes.  All of our vehicles come with a full tank of petrol and must be returned with a full tank’.  A $50 admin fee will apply in the event of the car being returned without a full tank

Can I pick up or drop off a vehicle outside of office hours.  What is the procedure?

For clients arriving or departing outside of office hours we use third party Services partners who  provide a shuttle service to and from the airports. Please refer to the locations web page for reference or check your pick up and drop off instruction.

Full details for collection will be emailed to you upon a booking being made.

These companies are not affiliated with Discount Car Rentals and merely act as a storage and shuttle company outside of office hours. Any queries or issues you have your your vehicle provided needs to be directed to our office.

**Each collection or drop off will incur a $30.00 out of hours service charge.

What if I am running late and cannot return the car at the stated time on the contract?

If you are running late we will give you a 2 hour grace.  If you return the car after the 2 hours (or miss our last complimentary shuttle at 4.45pm) then you will be charged an additional days hire plus a $25 after hours surcharge.

If I return my car early will I receive a refund?

There are no refunds for early returns (which also includes any extras the client may have added to

their hire). However a credit of the remaining balance less 3 days rental cost will be left on file for future use.


What methods of payment do NZ Discount Car Rentals accept?

Payment for your rental car are to be made on the day you collect your car.  We accept payment via cash, eftpos, debit cards, Visa and Mastercards.  Payments made by all cards incur a 2% surcharge.

Can I use someone else’s credit card?

If you wish to use a family or friends credit card, they must be present when collecting the car to sign the rental agreement.  If this is not possible we will send the credit card holder an email with a copy

of our terms and conditions and the credit card holder must sign these terms accepting liability in the event of anything happening.

Can I hire a car if I do not have a credit card?

If you do not have a credit card but you have a Visa or Mastercard debit card you can hire a car but you will be required to opt for one of the excess waiver options (please refer to our insurance page for details).

Is a bond required?

If you opt for the standard insurance cover we do require a NZ$1000 credit card bond.  We will authorise the excess amount onto the credit card provided for security unless you opt to reduce the insurance excess by paying an additional daily fee. This bond will be released upon return of the undamaged vehicle and although we release the funds straight away, it can take your bank 5 to 15 working days for them to clear these funds. A bond is not required if you waive the excess to $0. See “Insurance” on our web site

Do I have to pay a deposit when making a booking?

If you book online you will be required to pay a 15% deposit.  Bookings that are made via the telephone or email will be secured with a credit card number and charged a 15% deposit, with the remainder being taken on the day you collect the car.

Driving in New Zealand

Where can I find out about road rules and driving tips for New Zealand?

There are several websites you can visit: on this website under Visit NZ there is a link to the DriveSafe website, which features videos and advice, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) website includes New Zealand’s Roadcode or rules and the Safer Journeys website includes links to many others with information about driving in New Zealand.

Are there any roads where I can’t drive in my rental car?

You are not allowed and not insured if you drive on any unsealed road, except unsealed road where the road maintenance or repair jobs are undertaken.

Can I take the vehicle on the ferry across Cook Strait and to islands?

Yes you can take our hire car on the ferry across Cook Strait as well as other car ferry’s throughout NZ. We are able to make the ferry bookings across Cook Strait if you need assistance.

Can I smoke in the car?

Smoking is not permitted in any of our cars and a cleaning charge of $100 will automatically apply in the event of a car smelling of smoke.  This cleaning charge will also be incurred in the event of a vehicle being returned in a very dirty condition or with new interior stains.

Am I covered for Tolls in NZ?

There are three tolls in NZ (one North of Auckland and two around Tauranga).  All of our cars are linked to an account with NZ Toll Road so due to this you will not be able to go onto NZTA’s website and pay for your tolls online.  You can add them to your rental by paying $3.00 per toll or you do have the option of avoiding the toll road and going the scenic route, which can be much more interesting.

What do I do if I get a fine?

Follow the instructions to pay the fine so that you do not have to pay us an administration charge if we need to deal with it.  With parking tickets these instructions are printed on the ticket.

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