rent a car in New Zealand

Napier: Family fun in the bay

March 24, 2017
Napier has plenty to amuse and entertain young and old, writes Donna McIntyre. A Celeste Byers sea wall mural, Napier. Photo / Tre Packard Napier does family holidays well. The flat terrain by the waterfront means that despite lots of...
rent a car in New Zealand

Top 15 things you need to see in New Zealand with NZDCR

March 10, 2017
Radoslav Cajkovic Radoslav and Barbara Cajkovic at Cape Reinga. Originally from Slovakia, Barbara and Radoslav Cajkovic lived in New Zealand for three years before travelling across the US. Here, they share a blog post about their favourite places in NZ. New Zealand is the...
rent a car in New Zealand

Holiday cliche experiences: 10 lame things every holiday should include

March 1, 2017
 Colourful cocktails on the beach are so cliche but who cares when you’re on your holliers?                                                ...
rent a car in New Zealand

What will surprise about New Plymouth: a scenic, gastronomic and artistic haven

February 21, 2017
rent a car in New Zealand

Which area has the keenest beach-goers?

February 10, 2017
Which area has the keenest beach-goers? Wharariki Beach, west of Cape Farewell in the South Island. Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough locals count themselves as the most beach-going people in New Zealand, according to a survey. Photo / 123RF A new...
rent a car in New Zealand


January 23, 2017
New Zealand. The Land of the Long White Cloud. A country filled with literally every kind of landscape and climate you can think of — there are beaches in the north, snow-capped mountains in the south, glaciers descending into temperate...
rent a car in New Zealand

Northern Explorer: Train takes the strain

December 16, 2016
Queues? What queues? Lorna Subritzky goes by rail to enjoy Tongariro National Park and salutes traffic jams as she passes through. Spectacular scenery can be enjoyed from the Northern Explorer. I love road trips — who doesn’t? A chance to...
rent a car in New Zealand

Revealed: New Zealand’s most Instagrammed locations

December 8, 2016
Everything from lakes and beaches to cities and movie sets have featured in New Zealand’s most Instagrammed locations this year. Despite having a mere 369 residents in its township, Lake Tekapo was revealed as the most popular spot to share pictures from...
rent a car in New Zealand

13 important things you should know, so you can travel New Zealand like a local

November 28, 2016
I’ve lived in New Zealand for nearly three decades and I’ve seen the country through all months of the year, through the economic up and downs, and through the recent tourism boom. As a local, I’ve accepted New Zealand’s quirks...

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