The Vanlife Companion: West Coast America’s Pacific Coastal Route in a campervan

June 11, 2019
In this extract from Lonely Planet‘s book The Vanlife Companion, find out the best stops on a campervan trip along America’s Pacific Coastal Route. Bewitching ribbons of Hwy 1 and Hwy 101 await all along this route up the West Coast, from...

Food fit for the angels: What to eat in Downtown Los Angele

June 7, 2019
David Skipwith gets fed up with LA in the best possible way. Los Angeles has always been popular with Kiwi tourists heading to Hollywood and Disneyland but the City of Angels is also a dream destination for food lovers. Temptations...

Queensland: Brisbane, a little ripper fully transformed

June 2, 2019
Perhaps it goes with the territory, of being the little brother. While Sydney and Melbourne bicker about everything from who’s got the bigger population, better coffee or best football code, Brisbane is getting on with life and with living. Queensland’s...

Budapest: Christmas holidays in Hungary’s capital

May 24, 2019
Go now The festive season kicks off early in Budapest. Its Christmas market usually opens in early November, the first in Europe to celebrate winter with colourful stalls, traditional dancing and cups of steaming forralt bor (mulled wine). It adds...

Staying at at the Ovolo 1888, in Sydney

May 16, 2019
Winston Aldworth checks in — and feels right at home — at the Ovolo 1888, in Sydney. Location: Darling Harbour in Sydney, a 25-minute cab ride from the airport should get you there. Check-in experience: Once inside the foyer, you’ll find...

Staying at Hotel Lindrum in Melbourne

May 10, 2019
Rosie Herdman stays at Hotel Lindrum in Melbourne. Getting there: Travelling from Melbourne airport, you can either take the SkyBus into the city, hop on a tram briefly then walk for five minutes or, if you’re in a car, it...

Tips on choosing the perfect travel buddy

May 3, 2019
Anna Hart shares her tips on how to choose a travel companion. Of the scraps of well-worn advice that adults bestow upon students, “Make friends out of flatmates, not flatmates out of friends” haunts me because of its pertinence to...

California: Coastal pleasures in southern Los Angeles

April 26, 2019
To the south of Los Angeles, Orange County’s blingy coastal sweep comprises a necklace of gleaming seaside resort towns, including surf-crazy Huntington Beach, Newport, San Clemente and Laguna Beach, a cliff-and-cove studded enclave of celebratory living in style. A sunset...

North Canterbury: Pops of delight at festival

March 29, 2019
Jesse Mulligan gets his barbecue mojo on for charity— and discovers a new wine region in the process. There is art to an event like this. I’m reminded of that every time some half-cooked entrepreneur wins a temporary liquor licence...

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