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What to eat in New Zealand

May 22, 2017
New Zealand isn’t all glacial peaks, Hobbits, rolling plains and more sheep than you can poke a shepherd’s crook at. From wide open plains to remote coastlines, its incredible landscape also shapes the Kiwi culinary canon. Here’s what to eat...
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Historic Arrowtown, New Zealand

May 15, 2017
New Zealand is filled with quaint little towns where old buildings and European style gardens make you feel like you are somewhere in the English countryside. The small historic village of Arrowtown, located just outside of Queenstown, has to be...
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May 9, 2017
The 24 metre high Whangarei Falls is known as the most photogenic waterfall in all of New Zealand. Located just 5km from the city of Whangarei, which is the northernmost city in New Zealand, the falls is a pleasant place to...
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May 2, 2017
“OMG…I’m freaking out. They want me to jump off a 192 meter high building here in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m shit scared of heights!…Should I do it?” Jumbled up thoughts of fear and my trying to overcome that with bravery raced...
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Playing in the Snow on Coronet Peak, New Zealand

April 25, 2017
Queenstown is well known as New Zealand’s premier winter playground and the ski capital of the country. When we visited in late spring, the ski season had just finished, with little to no snow fall in the last couple of...
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Why travel beats toys?

April 18, 2017
The science behind why you should spend money on family holidays instead of toys Travel can be more fulfilling for children than toys. Photo / Getty Images Parents have been wasting money on toys, according to one of Britain’s leading...

Where to go on Easter Day?—New Zealand Nature

April 10, 2017
New Zealand offers plenty of places to get close to nature Goat Island marine reserve is teeming with life. Photo / Forest and Bird It’s time for Easter day — and it’s a fair bet many of us will want to...
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What happened when a luxury cruise went wrong

April 4, 2017
Luxury cruise in Europe. Bernadette ClohesyEscape ON THE fourth day of our luxury small ship cruise from Venice to Istanbul, our very new ship ran into the pier while docking in Split in Croatia. We (my husband and I) only...
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D’Urville Island: Isolated beauty

March 31, 2017
Amelia Nurse explains the joys of local eco tourism on a trip to D’Urville Island. D’Urville Island. When I look out from my window on the Kapiti Coast, I see the silhouette of D’Urville Island across Cook Strait – often...

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