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 Indigenous  Māori music
 Other  influences  Britain, Europe, Polynesia, Australia
 Genres  Classical · Hip hop · Jazz · Country · Rock ·Indie · Reggae · Blues · Metal
 Organisations  RIANZ  SOUNZ · CANZ
 Awards  “Tui” NZ Music Awards
 Charts  RIANZ official chart
 Festivals  Big Day Out · Parachute · Nambassa ·Tahora · Rhythm & Vines
 Media  Radio with Pictures · Radio Hauraki ·Concert FM
 Notable  songs  Pokarekare Ana · Slice of Heaven · How Bizarre · Ka Mate · Not Given Lightly · Six  Months in a Leaky Boat · I Got You · Don’t Dream It’s Over
 National  anthem  God Defend New Zealand (also God Save the Queen)

The music of New Zealand is the expression of the culture of New Zealand. As the largest nation in Polynesia, New Zealand’s music is influenced by the culture of the indigenous Māori and immigrants from the Pacific region, though its musical origins lie predominantly in Britishcolonial history, with contributions from Europe and America. As the nation grew and established its own culture, local artists combined these styles with local influences to create music that is distinctively New Zealand.

The most popular styles of the late 20th century were rock and hip hop, both genres garnished with New Zealand’s unique Pacific influences. By the 21st century, roots, reggae, dub and electronica were all popular with local artists. New Zealand has maintained an alternative scene for several decades.

Māori have also developed a popular music scene, and incorporated reggae, rock and roll and other influences: New Zealand reggae bands like Herbs, Katchafire and Fat Freddy’s Drop are highly popular. The 1990s saw the rise of hip hop groups like Moana & the Moahunters and the Upper Hutt Posse, primarily based out of South Auckland.

In the traditional styles, New Zealand’s geographic isolation and cultural milieu perhaps contributed to the slow growth of formal traditions based on European classical music,however these styles have also gained broad recognition. In 1975, the Composers Association of New Zealand was established, creating a more defined structure and network to the development of classical composition in New Zealand.(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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