Intermediate SUV


  • Comfortable Economy Cars
  • Toyota Rav4 or Similar



When your trips need you to go off road, don’t go off the rails looking for the right SUV 4WD to rent. Our range of 4WD and 2WD (for economy) is great for ski, fishing and camping trips on rougher roads.

vector-car-rental-icons-set-eps 5 Doors  vector-car-rental-icons-air conditioning Air-conditioning
 vector-car-rental-icons-passengers 5 Seats  vector-car-rental-iconsauto Automatic Transmission
 vector-car-rental-iconsluggage 3 Large Luggages1 Small Luggages engine 2.4 L



  • Snow Chains from $25/month
  • Baby Capsule (birth to 6 months) $25/month
  • Baby Seat (6 months to 4 years) $25/month
  • Booster Seat (4 to 6 years) $25/month
  • Basic GPS unit $8/Day
  • GPS unit $10/Day
  • Advanced GPS unit $12/Day



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