Small hatch manual


  • 5+ years
  • almost new Hyundai Getz

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Here is a zippy and fuel efficient small hatch in manual.

vector-car-rental-icons-set-eps 4 Doors  vector-car-rental-icons-air conditioning Air-conditioning
 vector-car-rental-icons-passengers 4 Seats  vector-car-rental-iconsauto Manual
 vector-car-rental-iconsluggage 2 Large Luggages2 Small Luggages engine 1.4 L


*Seasonal & Term Conditions apply


  • Snow Chains from $25/month
  • Baby Capsule (birth to 6 months) $25/month
  • Baby Seat (6 months to 4 years) $25/month
  • Booster Seat (4 to 6 years) $25/month
  • Basic GPS unit $8/Day
  • GPS unit $10/Day
  • Advanced GPS unit $12/Day



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